California Pilates

The only fitness centre of its kind in Zug! Experience one of the most effective workouts for the whole body. We offer you the know-how and a team with 20 years of fitness experience. The energetic atmosphere in a beautiful loft setting will increase your fitness and your well-being to a level you never imagined possible.


The ultimate 50-minute full body workout combines the three most important elements of fitness.


With the support of the innovative spring system, you can work on every muscle group using your own body weight as resistance.


Because of the high intensity of the workout and the fact that there are no breaks between exercises, your heart rate remains at a steady increased level.


The unique features of the Pilates Reformer II help you gain and sustain the length you want to create in your body and increase your flexibility.

CaliforniaPilates – Your full-body workout for great results you can see and feel… a wonderful new sensation. A successful workout that is great fun.

It’s not just by chance that the CaliforniaPilates classes on the Allegra Reformer2 have been rated one of the most popular and successful forms of training. CaliforniaPilates is the favourite workout of Hollywood stars, supermodels and professional athletes. This unique method for a perfectly toned and fit body has now finally arrived in Zug.
The ultimate 50-minute full body workout combines cardio and muscle training with the basic principles of Pilates. CaliforniaPilates training unites stamina, strength and stretching. Each of the individual exercises works on developing your core strength and then other muscle groups. With short changeover times from one exercise to the next, the 50-minute workout is really used effectively to its maximum potential, and the benefits can soon be felt.

Key benefits of performing CaliforniaPilates on the Pilates Reformer II:

  •   Intensive – Slow and controlled movements (for each exercise) target and strengthen the deep muscles and improve intra-muscular coordination
  •   Effective –Within a 50-minute workout session you will burn off up to 800 calories and the results of your efforts are visible after just a few sessions
  •   Innovative – A new method that perfectly combines the three most important elements of fitness: stamina, strength and stretching.


Unique: You will be working out on the latest generation of the Pilates Reformer Allegra2.

Pilates Allegra Reformer 2

The latest generation of the Reformer II from Pilates in Sacramento, California is only available in Zug in the combination of Pilates, strength and stamina training with stretching. The innovative machine is easy to use with its adjustable strap and bar to accommodate any body size for different exercises. The articulated section along with the adjustable cable pulleys makes it possible for you to enjoy a perfect and effective workout. The wide variety of possible exercises means that your workouts will always be varied and challenging.

10 reasons why you’ll get hooked on CaliforniaPilates and why it will become a part of your lifestyle:

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01. Not like a normal fitness studio, but a personal community in an exclusive loft setting

02. As effective as a personal training programme, but without the high costs

03. Demanding and motivating classes that are individually adapted to you

04. A safe workout, because each exercise is accompanied by professional guidance

05. High intensity in return for little time

06. Strengthening your cardiovascular stamina

07. Improved flexibility and balance

08. Fat-burning and weight loss

09. Building up strong but long muscles

10. The afterburn effect: Because of the intensity of the workout, you will continue to burn off calories after you have finished your workout