The California Pilates classes at the Allegra Reformer2 has been one of the hottest and most successful training. California Pilates workout is the favorite of Hollywood stars, supermodels and professional athletes. The unique method for a perfectly streamlined and fit body is now finally in train. The ultimate 50-minute full body workout combines cardio and muscle training with the basic principles of Pilates. Thus, endurance, strength and stretching are united in training with Pilates California. Each of the individual exercises trains the trunk area and additional more muscle groups. A short changeover time from one to the next exercise, the 50-minute workout is particularly effectively utilized, and it can be easily detected results. Training on the Pilates Reformer II in California Pilates is thus:

Intensive – slow and controlled movements (for each exercise) activate the deep muscles and promote intra-muscular coordination
Effective – within a training session of 50 minutes will be burned up to 800 calories and workout results are visible after a few units
Innovative – A new method that combines the three most important elements of fitness endurance, strength and stretching to perfection.