Olha was always enthusiastic with sport. She was born in Sumy, Ukraine. Already during her school years sports like jogging, cross-country skiing, dancing, swimming, gymnastics were part of her life. In 2003 Olha got in touch with Fitness, namely Step and Dance Aerobic, she had found her passion. She started an education as a Group Fitness Instructor.

During her Au-Pair time in Germany she got in touch with Pilates Mat Class and was impressed with its philosophy, principles, history and traings process

In 2013 she got married in Switzerland and made more educational courses in Fitness area. Today she teaches Pilates Mat classes with different equipment, Reformer Pilates, Power Yoga and Toning. She is also in Process of education in Pilates on the Spine Corrector, Chair, Barrels and Cadillac.

With her inspiration and passion to Classic Pilates, you can open yourself for the beauty and power of this kind of training. It will help you to research the possibilities of your body, to strenghten it and improve you posture. It can improve the quality of your life.

She is glad to be with you on this healthy way full of challenge and joy